Mars Shags Venus (MSV) puts on different types of events so you get a good balance of fun without having to feel you are in a pressure cooker.

  • Hotel Takeovers
  • Bar Takeovers
  • Bowling Events
  • MSV Popular Bus Ride
  • Yearly Trip to Hedonism II

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We are a swingers group that focus on the social aspect of the lifestyle.  We focus on putting like minded people in a fun environment with no pressure.  We cater to newbies and people that are looking to stick there toes in the water before taking the full plunge. Hey but don’t worry we also can get as wild as any other group out there but understand that there is a time and place for everything.  So we have people on all levels of the lifestyle.  So if you are a newbie trying to figure out what the lifestyle is about check us out as well as if you are a seasoned vet and want some wild times.  We do it all from bowling events to hotel takeovers.

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Some Communities to help you find like minded people below

Swingers in WI

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